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Welcome to Find a home in Spokane

Find a Home in Spokane is a collaboration between
Rick Richard and Jim Dillon

No matter the reason for your relocation needs we have the experience and knowledge necessary yo make your move a smoother and less stressful event. Rick is a 30 year veteran of the Spokane real estate market. Jim is a Retired Coast Guard Senior Chief who moved his family 8 times! We have the experience and tools necessary to find your perfect home.

A Buyers Agent is an important member of our team. We perform our duties at NO cost to you the buyer. A buyers agent facilitates the smooth process from beginning the search to drafting a winning offer, a complete inspection and culminating with a smooth closing all the while representing your best interests. As a retired military Realtor, we understand the unique timelines and needs for those PCS'ing to the area because I've done it! 

Rick brings to the table the added benefit of his being in the Spokane real estate for over 30 years! We network with top agents in most all marketplaces in the United States. So if part of your moving process includes selling your existing home, let us know, as there is a good chance we have vetted and worked with a Realtor in your area that we can recommend.  This will bring accountability and coordination to the team. 

Rick and I have compiled a comprehensive list of experienced vendors who are the local vetted business we trust to preform any required items to make your move successful!

Teamwork and open lines of communication lead to higher success rates. Rick and I  look forward to assisting you in any was possible, whether just starting your Spokane home search, planning a visit to Spokane to begin looking, or if you have already joined us in Spokane and you're ready to find that perfect home.


Spokane is a great place to live and work,
we welcome you to the neighborhood!